ARTICLE I        Name

The name of this organization is the Washington County Branch of the Portland, Oregon Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (Branch). The Branch is a subgroup of the Portland Local of the Democratic Socialists of America (Chapter). This Branch is organized pursuant to Article VII of the Chapter Bylaws.

ARTICLE II        Purpose

The purpose of the Branch is:

  1. Promote the adoption of democratic socialism in Washington County;
  2. Raise class consciousness and organize our neighbors against capitalism and other forms of exploitation;
  3. Advance the goals of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and the Chapter;  
  4. Increase the membership of the DSA, the Chapter and the Branch;

ARTICLE III        Membership

  1. Members of the DSA in good standing who reside in Washington County, Oregon are Members of the Branch (Members). 
  2. Any person who is a member of the DSA and not a Member, may become a Member with a 2/3rds vote of the Branch.
  3. The membership duly assembled is the highest authority within the Branch.

ARTICLE IV        Officers

Section 1    General Provisions

  1. The offices of the Branch are a Chair, a Secretary and a Branch Liaison;
  2. To become Officers, candidates for offices must be approved by the Branch in elections that are open to all Members.
  3. Officers must be Members. All Members may vote in elections of Officers. Any Member may become an Officer upon approval of the Branch.
  4. Officers may be appointed, removed or replaced with notice and with the approval of the Branch.
  5. All Officers serve terms of one year. 
  6. No Officer may serve more than two terms consecutively and no Member may serve more than 8 years as an Officer in total.
  7. No person may be more than one Officer simultaneously.
  8. If the Chair fails to perform a specific duty that duty will transfer to the Secretary, and if the Secretary is unable to perform that duty it will transfer to the Branch Liaison.

Section 2    General Duties

It is the duty of every Officer to: 

  1. Serve the membership and advance the goals of the Branch;
  2. Serve as a member of the Executive Board of the Branch (Board) when one exists; 
  3. Cooperate to the best of their abilities with other Officers;
  4. Cooperatively create the draft agenda for regular Branch meetings;
  5. Perform the duties specific to their office as described in these Bylaws.

Section 3    Specific Duties

  1. The duties of the Chair are:
    1. Call and facilitate meetings of the Branch;
    2. Manage the regular and day-to-day operations of the Branch that are not otherwise designated by the Branch;
    3. Manage personnel and volunteers working on behalf of the Branch;
    4. Manage Branch funds, as permitted by the Chapter.
  2. The duties of the Secretary are:
    1. Manage the internal communications of the Branch that take place outside of Branch meetings;
    2. Record minutes of Branch meetings;
    3. Ensure that draft minutes and agendas are distributed to all Members at least 3 days before the meeting where they are to be approved;
    4. Publish approved minutes and agendas in an archive accessible by all Members;
    5. Manage membership list and records.
  3. The duties of the Branch Liaison are:
    1. Represent the Branch outside of Branch meetings and be the official spokesperson for the Branch;
    2. Report on the activities of the Branch at meetings of the Chapter and of the DSA;
    3. Report on the activities of the Chapter and the DSA at meetings of the Branch.

ARTICLE V        Meetings

Section 1    Branch Meetings

  1. The Branch will hold regular meetings at least four times annually, at a regularly scheduled time and place which will be published and distributed to all Members and the Chapter.
  2. Special meetings of the Branch may be called by 6 Members, provided that no less than 14 days notice of the meeting has been given to all Members.
  3. Organizational meetings of the Branch take place annually at a regular time and date. Regular elections of Officers happen at Organizational meetings.
  4. Quorum for all Branch meetings is 6 Members.

Section 2    Committee Meetings

  1. Committees may meet at any time and date so long as the meeting details have been distributed to all committee members at least 3 days in advance.
  2. Quorum for all committee meetings is no less than half its members.

ARTICLE VI        Committees

All committees created by the Branch are governed by the following rules:

  1. All members of committees will be Members;
  2. No Member will be denied membership to a committee;
  3. Membership to a committee may only be revoked with the recommendation of the chair of that committee and with the approval of the Branch.

ARTICLE VII    Chapter Affiliation

Section 1    Activities Prohibited by Chapter.

Pursuant to the Chapter Bylaws, the General Meetings of the Chapter are the only body authorized to make electoral endorsements, approve campaigns, or join coalitions on behalf of the Chapter.  Branch members are prohibited from claiming to represent the Chapter or the DSA, including in the endorsement of candidates and ballot measures, and with participation in coalitions, unless the Chapter or the DSA has specifically approved that endorsement or coalition participation.

Section 2    Recommendations

  1. The Branch may make recommendations to the Chapter regarding the endorsement of any candidates, ballot measures, or campaigns taking place in or otherwise relevant to Washington County.  The Branch may also make recommendations to the Chapter to join any coalition operating in or otherwise relevant to Washington County.
  1. Upon the approval of any recommendation from the Branch, a Member may nominate someone to be a delegate specifically for the purpose of advocating for that recommendation; A majority vote of the Branch will confirm such a nominated delegate.

ARTICLE VIII    Parliamentary Authority

The rules of procedure in Robert’s Rules of Order, current edition, govern the Branch in all cases not covered by these Bylaws, the Chapter and DSA Bylaws, and applicable state and federal regulations.

ARTICLE IX        Amendment

Approval of two-thirds of Members present and voting is required to amend these Bylaws with notice.

Adopted March 24th, 2019