Becoming a Member

The Democratic Socialists of America is funded by our membership—not corporations or wealthy donors. This ensures that DSA members are in full control of the organization. By paying dues, DSA members self-fund our own tools of liberation. As a dues-paying member, you have the right to vote in your local chapter meetings.

Annual and Monthly Dues

You can choose to pay dues annually or monthly. All annual dues are retained by the national organization. Monthly dues are split between the national organization and local chapters, so we encourage you to select that option if possible. Sign up here. If the standard dues amount would be a financial burden for you, you may fill in any amount you wish or email to request an exemption.

Work with Us Locally

Ready to organize in Portland? Come to the next general meeting or another event to meet your new comrades in person. Outside of meetings, our day-to-day communications are conducted in the chapter’s Discord server and on Google Drive. Email us if you are a member and need help getting access. You can also donate to support the activities of the Portland chapter. Log in here to change or cancel your recurring donation to the chapter, or to update your information. Not ready to join yet but want to get email updates on what we’re doing in Portland? Sign up for our local mailing list.