If you are a candidate for local, state, or federal office seeking endorsement from the Portland chapter of DSA, please follow the process that is outlined on this page and more fully described in the policy linked below. If you are instead seeking endorsement for a ballot measure, please refer to our ballot measure endorsement policy.

  1. Read the current Portland DSA endorsement policy in order to understand the process for endorsement of “DSA cadre candidates” and “externally endorsed candidates” and decide which you would like to pursue.
  2. Submit an endorsement application form and email info@portlanddsa.org to let us know you have done so.
  3. Shortly after receipt of your application, it will be circulated among our membership. If at least 25 Portland DSA members choose to nominate you for endorsement consideration, we will send you a questionnaire allowing you to describe your background, positions, and goals to our membership.
  4. Following receipt of your completed questionnaire, you will be invited to present at our monthly general meeting and answer questions. Our membership will then vote on whether to make an endorsement. A two-thirds supermajority is necessary for endorsement.

Please contact info@portlanddsa.org with any questions prior to or during this process.