Each year, rising rents in Multnomah County extract a frightening share of working class renters’ incomes.

Annual rent hikes of up to 10% damage or wipe out any wage increases that workers win.

The burden of rent speculation falls heaviest on low wage workers and people on fixed income, threatening all low income people with evictions.

The crisis of houselessness extracts a rising cost on all sectors of our society. It is the acknowledged #1 issue on the minds of voters. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been appropriated to deal with the crisis, while politicians avoid confronting the threat of rent speculation,  and the  Portland Metro Chamber of Commerce (fka the Portland Business Alliance) uses the full force of its political muscle to torpedo even the most modest attempts to control rent speculation. 


The Portland Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America takes inspiration from the successful ballot measure of our Comrades in Tacoma 4 All (https://www.tacoma4all.org/):

Require 6 months notice on all rent increases.

Relocation assistance available when rent hikes exceed  5%

End school year evictions of children and education workers for late rent.

End evictions for late rent during extreme weather events

Cap ‘pet rent’ , laundry ‘fees’, credit check fees and other unfair, excessive fees and deposits.

Ban rent hikes when code violations exist.

Establish a right to counsel in Eviction Court. No tenant should go to court without legal defense provided