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Paige Kreisman for Oregon House District 42

Portland DSA has endorsed Paige Kreisman for the Oregon House of Representatives, District 42 for the 2020 Democratic primary and general elections. Paige serves as Portland DSA’s electoral and legislative co-chair and a board member for Portland Tenants United. She is a disabled veteran and the first trans woman to run for the state legislature in Oregon’s 160 year history.

Paige grew up in rural North Carolina, in an abusive, transphobic, evangelical baptist home. At seventeen she joined the US Army to escape her family, where she became the first woman to serve as an Indirect Fire Infantryman, a combat job previously open only to men. Paige deployed to Kuwait and Qatar, where her experiences enforcing US imperialism formed the socialist and anti-imperialist values that guide her today. After the election of Donald Trump, and facing increasing violance, harrasment, and discrimination, Paige made the decision to refuse to carry out any further military duties in protest of US imperialist forign policy, and systemic discrimination against trans service members. She was imprisoned for two months before being forced out of the military following Trump’s trans military ban. She used her GI bill to attend Oregon State University in Corvallis, where she served as co-chair of the Benton County DSA chapter, before settling in Northeast Portland, where she now makes her home.

Paige is committed to fighting for democratic socialist values and policies in the Oregon House of Representatives. She is calling for an Oregon Green New Deal, comprehensive campaign finance reform, housing justice policies, and to defend Oregon’s public employees and unions. Paige is running a 100% people powered campaign, with no corporate money accepted. You can learn more and support her at Paige2020.com!

Universal Preschool Now

What if every family was guaranteed high-quality preschool, regardless of their ability to pay? Would it transform your life, or that of someone you know? This can be a reality — from Chicago to Denver to New York City, universal preschool programs are being successfully implemented nationwide. With your support, Multnomah County could vote for universal preschool in November 2020!

Countless families are burdened with monthly childcare costs equal to rent or mortgage payments for just a single child. Many childcare workers report wages so low that they can’t afford to send their own children to preschool. When parents, caregivers, and workers are given the opportunity to choose what is best for their families, our whole community flourishes.

Money invested in early childhood education pays back 7-10% a year, because parents can choose to work. Universal preschool is the single best strategy to raise high school graduation rates and kids’ wages as adults, while, reducing unemployment, incarceration and crime, and lowering economic inequality by race, gender and class.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. Universal preschool addresses a fundamental social inequity by ensuring that all children are guaranteed a strong foundation on which they can build their lives.

Our vision for universal preschool:

Portland DSA for Bernie 2020

The Portland chapter of DSA voted in a landslide to join the national DSA Bernie 2020 campaign on July 14, 2019. Our members support this campaign because we recognize that Bernie’s campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination and potentially the Presidency itself throughout 2019 and 2020 creates a unique opportunity for Portland DSA to build our base through engaging in a nationally relevant election. As of July 2019, Portland DSA is supporting Paige Kreisman for Oregon House District 42 as well as the Universal Preschool NOW ballot measure campaign in the same electoral cycle that will potentially share the ballot with Bernie Sanders in the May 2020 primary and/or the November 2020 general election. We see entry into the Bernie 2020 campaign at this moment as a way to increase membership, strengthen our chapter, boost our campaigns, and build support for sharing our socialist vision with the working people of Portland.

PDX Amazon Workers Solidarity Campaign

We are the Amazon Workers Solidarity Campaign!

Our campaign is aimed at educating, supporting, and helping workers in whatever ways we can, so they can improve wages, benefits and working conditions!

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