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As the Oregon legislature begins its 2019 session, stay tuned to this page for our chapter's take on the bills they should and should not be passing. Below are the critical issues we're focused on.

Protestors hold a sign in front of the Oregon legislature reading "Dem super majority? Why such weak bills?".


Global catastrophe is looming, and without swift action mass extinctions will only accelerate. Our fossil fuel economy is death on an installment plan; we must replace it and we must begin immediately.


Our country’s for-profit system of healthcare and medicine is an embarrassment to the world. Quality healthcare must be available to everyone for no charge at the point of service.


The housing crisis is and has always been artificial. We live in a settler colony, upon land that was stolen from indigenous people to enrich a select few. This legacy of theft and exploitation persists today; for every houseless person in the United States, there are six empty homes. We need strong rent control to stabilize communities and halt gentrification, and affordable housing for the houseless.


The United States has the largest prison population of any country at any point in history, a racist criminal “justice” system that perpetuates legalized slave labor and summarily executes unarmed people without due process, and a horrific policy of deliberate cruelty toward refugees and immigrants. US foreign policy is a humanitarian disaster, causing incredible misery and death through imperialist warfare, sanctions, embargoes, and blockades. We stand for the divestment from and abolition of all institutions that perpetuate these injustices.

The People’s Budget

For decades we have lived in the crushing grip of austerity, where the government spends less and less on essential services while giving the money we pay in tax to corporations and the wealthy. The gap between the rich and the poor is at an all-time high. Our schools can barely function, our infrastructure is crumbling, poverty and houselessness are increasing while our health and average life expectancy are decreasing. We must reverse this trend, by budgeting for the needs of the people and not the greed of corporations.

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