Caravan against COVID Capitalism!

Working Class Bailout Now!

Portland DSA calls on Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown to:
1. Cancel on all rent and mortgage payments without future backpay
2. Mandate paid leave and hazard pay for essential workers
3. Cancel all utility payments without future backpay
4. End all displacement and sweeps of houseless camps
5. Open additional shelters throughout the city of Portland and the state of Oregon
6. Release all prisoners, including ICE detainees

We will drive our Caravan against COVID Capitalism through the following neighborhoods Friday 4 PM – 6 PM. Join us at 1100 NE Weidler St. at 3:30 PM to be part of the caravan. We will have supplies for decorating your car. Can’t join us? Lean out your window and bang on your pots and pans!

View the Caravan Route Map

Action You Can Take Right Now

Now is the time to organize in the face of crisis! Organize with your coworkers for better conditions and job stability. Build community with your neighbors. Join a socialist organization fighting for a just and democratic world for all!

Organize your workplace with help from our Labor Working Group

Form a Mutual Aid Pod in your neighborhood

Contribute resources if you can, or get them if you need

Call Governor Brown’s office: 503-378-4582 / TwitterFacebook

Call Mayor Ted Wheeler: 503-823-4127 or 503-823-4120 / TwitterFacebook

Read more: / Portland DSA Calls on Mayor and Governor to Act on Coronavirus

Caravan Against Covid Capitalism